For those who wish to sell animals you must have the permission of the administration office. A register is in practice.

It is prohibited to sell consumption of food or drink.

One merchant can occupy the leased location.

It is also prohibited to sell copies of DVD or CD.

Your site should be clean when you leave, you are responsible for your garbage.

Please respect your neighbors, your music should not be too noisy.

No credit or refund given.

Sale of products 18 years and over, must be well hidden.

For the ease of operation of the site the maximum number of spots given to a non-reserved is 2 or 3 with a trailer.


Price :








You can not make a reservation by phone or in advance, the spots are reserved by season only. For more information call the office between 9 am and 30 noon Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Non-reserved spots are given to first come first serve from 5:30 in the morning for the summer and winter 6:30.

The spots are 20 feet long x 25 feet deep, including your vehicle.

Once on your leased land for the day you can rent one or many tables $ 5 each of 8x3 feet.


To have a fixed space inside, you must add your name to the waiting list. The waiting list is based on the most original items. Please present yourself with pictures or examples of the items you wish to sell.

For any other questions, please contact our information office

Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to noon at (450) 472-6660