Hours to reach us:

Friday 9:30am till Lunch
Saturday and Sunday 9:00am to 1:30PM


Price :








Obligation to wear a mask or visor.

You must have hand sanitizer for your clients . If they touch an item on your table without disinfectant, the object is contaminated, So you must absolutely put it away if you cannot disinfect it (example clothes) for 24 hours. Otherwise, disinfect it, to put it back on sale.

You cannot exceed the yellow lines of the space which was allotted to you, with your articles of sale.

Please inform customers when they do not respect the 2 meters.


Sale of animals is not permitted at the Flea Market. (Excluding the pet shop indoor).

Sell of food or any kind of drinks.

To sell copies.


A single dealer will have to occupy the leased site.

Pay your land before you occupy your lot.

Your location must be clean when you leave the premises, you are responsible for your garbage.

Respect your neighbors, your music should not be too noisy.

No credit or refund given.

Sale of products 18 years and older must be well hidden.

For the proper operation of the site, the maximum number of spots given to the non-reserved is 2 or 3 with trailer.

Outside reservation:

Reservations can not be made by phone or in advance, the spot is reserved by season only. Reservations are distributed twice a year, either in August (for the following year) or in March. The days change from year to year so please call us in mid August for more information. 

Non-reserved spots are distributed on a first-come first-served basis on Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 5:30 am for the summer season and 6:30 am during the winter. On Fridays lots are given from 7:00am. 

Those who have reservations must have paid before 

New : 7h30

Second hand: 7h00

The spots are 20 feet by 25 feet deep, including your vehicle.

Once on your leased lot for the day, you can rent a table at $ 5 each of 8 x 3 feet.


Our indoor kiosks are reserved on a long term basis, not a weekend at a time. To get a space inside you have to show us the items/ services you wish to sell either in person or by email, with photos or examples. If we already have the items you want to sell, it will take longer on the waiting list.

The Flea Market is open 3 days a week and all hours must be respected. At Christmas, we are generally open every day for about 7 to 10 consecutive days. Also, a deposit of $500 is required prior to possession of the kiosk and your information to complete administrative documents.


For any other questions, please contact our information office. 

(450) 472-6660